My Journey with Christen losing 45 Pounds!

If you were to ask me to describe my experience coaching and training Christen, I would choose the quote  “Will Power Beyond Belief!!!”


There is no “one size fits all” and no “one diet fits all” when it comes to successful weight loss.  My approach as a health coach/lifestyle educator/personal trainer is to obtain biometrics on each client as well as a thorough comprehensive health history.  Based on this information and several other factors, I work on creating a personal nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle plan.

My favorite quote is “weight loss is a journey not a destination”. In order to make lasting dietary and lifestyle changes, I work with each client on creating a positive mindset, as well as, creating smaller goals. So, rather than focusing on any negative actions or outcomes, such as succumbing to a craving, I work on education.  My clients will understand the science behind their weight loss, so they can meet their targets.

One of the things I pride myself on during my own weight loss journey is having the willpower to stay on plan, and not cheat for 8 months straight……..crazy, right!?  However, when you start to see results, your determination and willpower strengthens. My coaching sessions focus on positive reinforcement, education, tracking goals and achievements. Weekly, Christen and I focused on her successes, and how she would reach each goal.  I believe this helped Christen avoid any temptation and  empowered her to overcome any obstacles.

Christen’s Results

In 6 months Christen lost 45 pounds and a total of 25 inches!!  She reduced her BMI from an “obesity classification” to a “normal weight” classification, AND dropped her percentage of body fat by 11%!!!  Christen trained with me twice a week and also attended two to three Zumba classes per week.

Weight Loss Tips That Add Up

The following are some strategies and tips that Christen incorporated into her lifestyle.  If you adopt any of these into your lifestyle for 12 weeks, you can expect to get the following results:

  • Keeping a food diary – 12-24lbs

  • Trimming portion sizes of high calorie foods – 6-12lbs

  • Making yourself a healthy, calorie-counted snack box – 4-8lbs

  • Drinking plenty of water – 1-3lbs

  • Filling up on high fiber foods – 2-6lbs

  • Recognizing the difference between physical and emotional hunger – 6-12lbs

  • Being more active – 3-10lbs

  • Planning healthy work-day lunches – 3-10lbs

  • Controlling your alcohol consumption

  • Getting enough sleep – 1-2lbs

  • Weighing yourself frequently and keeping a record – 2-6lbs

Christen’s Testimony

I had the pleasure of meeting Jackie over 8 years ago when she was a Zumba instructor at Club Metro in Old Bridge. With the combination of her high energy, amazing dance moves, and contagious positive attitude…her Zumba classes were the perfect fit for me!!! Years had passed and I finally went back to the gym after having my 2nd child in 2013. I was put at the right place at the right time when the FitPalz program was being debuted !!! I jumped at the opportunity and was so grateful that I had an answer to my weight loss prayers !! Not only did Jackie welcome me wholeheartedly but she made me feel right at home ! I quickly lost the baby weight and felt like I had all the tools I needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle !!!

Years had passed and after having my 3rd child a few months ago, I felt like I was back at square one. Especially with this being my 3rd c-section it was very difficult for me to get back on my feet. Having nowhere to turn, I came back to the place where I felt most comfortable and where I knew I wouldn’t feel judged. Jackie once again came to my rescue !! With the knowledge of her incredible weight loss journey I knew she would be the inspiration I needed to make a difference in my life style once and for all!! The rest is history,  She has become such a positive role model in my life that I aspire to have half the amount of determination and strength that she exudes. I truly am beyond blessed that our paths crossed once again ! Those that have the pleasure of knowing Jackie really have something to feel lucky about !!

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  1. Great blog and awesome results Kristen!!!! I love the tips Jackie!!! Seeing how small changes can add up makes it seem not so daunting.

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