No Sugar Please, I’m Sweet Enough

Lessons I Learned Trying to Give Up Sugar

First of all I should start this blog by saying “lessons I learned trying to give up desserts so I can try and give up sugar”.  Sugar is in everything! On December 1st, I committed to give up sweets in order to try and help me get through this plateau I have hit and here is how it went down:

 Day 1

Like most people I am addicted to sugar (And I really am like most people, or Americans at least. According to the American Heart Association, we consume an average of 20 teaspoons a day compared to the recommended 6 to 9 teaspoons.) And I’m not talking about natural sugars from fruits and veggies like pineapple, strawberries, carrots, and beets. No, I’m talking about the bad but oh-so-delicious refined stuff. The kind that’s in candy, ice cream, cookies, cake, ice cream cake, cookie cake, cupcakes, chocolate – the list is never ending. Did I say cake?

Yes, I know sugar is terrible for me; that it plays a greater role in heart disease than saturated fat; that it’s the number-one cause of obesity and related diseases; that it promotes and puts you at risk for pre-diabetes and diabetes; that it makes you age faster. Which is why for years I’ve been trying to put my love affair with sugar to an end.

Sugar is in everything.

 Day 2

When I say everything, I mean virtually everything. Unless you live under a rock, you will inadvertently consume sugar daily. Examples of foods you’d never think had sugar and were considered healthy: spinach wraps, almond butter, protein powder, and lots more. Day one was easy peasy. I was ready for a change and of course it’s day one and my brain hasn’t had a chance to register the effects.  But then you go through phases of withdrawal, driven by hormones and neurotransmitters that are used to a rush of serotonin and beta-endorphins from sugar, which once made you happy.

In order to hold myself accountable I committed to posting a pic on my Instagram account each day. I held strong my first week until baking happened last Friday night.  But let me explain what happened…..Amr and I and the girls decided we needed bonding time.  No phones, no tv, just some good ol’ time to catch up and do something we can all do together.  Needless to say bonding was a huge success and no sugar was not so successful……however, THE WIN – I couldn’t eat more than two cookies!!!  I immediately noticed my taste buds had changed. Eating those two cookies were not as pleasurable as I thought they would be not having any dessert in 5 whole days!!

There is now evidence showing if we go a few weeks cutting down on sugar and junk food our tastes start to change.  This is exactly what happened to me on Day 5.  My taste buds became more sensitive and the two cookies I ate felt like I had devoured an entire pint of ice cream (which I may have done once upon a time).

Join us for our NO SUGAR WEEK starting January 8th 2017 on my Facebook Group.  Everyday you will post a picture to keep yourself accountable.  All those that join will receive a 7 day meal plan.  All you need to do to receive the meal plan is post on the page “I commit to the 7 Day No Sugar Challenge”.

To see how a healthy diet can make you feel, contact me to schedule a health history consultation.


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    1. Great Carol, be sure to post a pic daily on the FB page to hold accountable. I will send you a seven day menu to follow.

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