Lucille Garajuso-Payson

December 7, 2016 Always love an awesome Zumba class.. everyone is friendly. I always feel welcome. Jackie is an amazing person with so much passion and energy. She truly loves what she does!!

Julie Elessawi

December 7, 2016 This is my happy hour it’s were I get fit and look forward to coming best workout, instructor and group of people

Jennifer Kosek

December 7, 2016 Going strong for 4+ years and counting. A place like no other with supportive, friendly faces who truly root for one another.

Ambrosia Williams

July 10, 2013 One of the best investments I have made for myself! I have tried every diet and weight loss program there is out here and i can honestly say FitZone is the best one by far. I have watched myself transform and shape my body all because of FitZone! I have muscles now […]

Marisela Arencibia

With FitZone I have learned to change my eating habits without feeling hungry or even like I am on a diet. Gained the tools necessary to steadily and safely lose weight without disrupting my life. I am able to travel, dine out, socialize and celebrate holidays without going off track. During my 90 Day challenge I celebrated my Birthday and Thanksgiving Day yet managed to still continue to loose. In regards to my personal health, I am pleased to share that in spite of my past borderline readings and family history for high cholesterol and high blood pressure, my recent physical exam revealed both to be within perfectly normal levels.

Jane Fisher

February 23, 2015 March 2015 will be my One year Anniversary with FitZone. It has been a great year! I first noticed the sign advertising a weight loss program called “FitZone”outside a local school. After several weeks, I worked up the courage to call and make an appointment. I knew that it was definitely time […]

JoElle R.

May 21, 2015 Loving Zumba & Zumba toning classes. Great energy and motivation!!! Can now add Fitcamp & the special events to my review. Update – been working with Jackie personally for 4 weeks now with amazing results! !

Jennie Jimenez

July 13, 2015 If theres anyone out there intimidated by big gyms and is looking for a personal coach to lose weight, build on their strength, stamina, and endurance then FitZone is the place to go. Jackie Shaheed is a health coach with tons of knowledge on what works best for her clients. Her individualized […]

Lindsey Koleszar

September 26, 2015 I’ll start my review with the zumba classes because that’s what I fell in love with first. The instructors are all awesome with their own individual style yet they mesh harmoniously and truly make you feel like you’re the best dancer in the world. You’ll have so much fun you won’t even […]

Denise Reick Moccaro

January 1, 2016 I started this program on January 1st 2016 and I could not be happier!! The program Jackie has me on is great I never feel deprived and I am not having sugar cravings!! This is just the type of program I needed to reach my weight loss goals. The combination of healthy […]