Lindsey Koleszar

September 26, 2015

I’ll start my review with the zumba classes because that’s what I fell in love with first. The instructors are all awesome with their own individual style yet they mesh harmoniously and truly make you feel like you’re the best dancer in the world. You’ll have so much fun you won’t even realize you just worked out for an hour (and a workout you’ll get…). Then to top it off, classes such as boot camp, insanity, and piyo will push you to the next level.

My newest obsession has been to partner with Jackie for her nutrition program. She offers different programs and I signed up for the shortest as to not waste my money if I didn’t like it. But by the first week I would have gladly payed double. I’m not the typical dieter and as someone who never really struggled w weight I was a little hesitant to pay to only lose 20 lbs. But I quickly learned that it wasn’t about the scale or the destination. Jackie custom made my program (as she does w everyone) to teach me how to eat real food in a practical way (no gimmicks, no product pushing). Skinny doesn’t mean healthy and as I surpassed skinny a few years ago through crappy eating I was enormously pleased w my results. Results I just wasn’t seeing on my own. The support I received from Jackie and others in the program and classes was priceless. I would highly recommend FitPalz to anyone…skinny, overweight, non-athlete, super fit and everyone in between. Check it out and join the fitfam!!!!