The Scale Is Not The Only Measure of Success

screenshot2011-12-19at8-19-59pmWho likes to weigh themselves daily (me, me, me)?  Yes, I know I focus on that number on my scale and it’s a habit I haven’t been able to kick.  However for me the scale is a daily reality check, and has helped hold me accountable so I NEVER see the number 378 lbs ever again.

With that being said, after 7 years on my weight loss journey and 3 years of coaching clients the scale is not the most important measure of success.  In fact, your weight may be the least important thing to keep track of.  It may seem counter intuitive, but the scale is better at helping you maintain your weight than it is at helping you lose it.  Why you may ask?  There are important changes  happening in your body that the scale can’t measure and that’s what I like to call non-scale victories.  So what’s a non-scale victory (NSV)?  The best way to explain it is to share with you my client Michele’s NSV success story:

michele👉🏻 Michele has tracked and logged her food for 475 consecutive days in the myfitnesspal app that I use to help my clients;

👉🏻Michele has completely transformed her lifestyle and has been working out a minimum of 3 days per week plus training a minimum of one day a week over the last 2 years;

👉🏻 Michele has changed her diet and has eliminated processed foods and sweets from her diet;

👉🏻 Michele is setting a good example for her son teaching him proper nutrition;

👉🏻 Michele has changed on the inside: You may not know (or care) about what’s happening inside your cells when you exercise, but what’s going on in there can actually help you lose weight. Exercise teaches your body how to release more fat-burning molecules. The fitter you are, the more fat you burn and that is something the scale can’t measure.

Your weight is just one aspect of your progress and, in many cases, it’s not even the most important one. It’s unfortunate but, for most of us, the number on a scale is the determining factor in whether we’ve succeeded or failed. I want you to look at all of Michelle’s progress and think twice before you use the scale as your only measure of success.

Yes, of course it is important to know your weight. I am just saying that if the number on the scale stresses you out start looking at other things going on. One other thing to consider is if you see that scale go up a pound of two…you could be gaining muscle!

The following are a few of my NSV’S:

This is a big one. Believe it or not eating bad food sort of sucks the life out of you. When you fuel your body with healthy food you will have more energy. It will no longer be a short burst of energy that you get from a cup of coffee or sugar, it will be all day long all day strong energy.

Seven years ago, I couldn’t go up a flight of stairs without feeling like I needed an oxygen mask. Now I can do a two hour Zumba masterclass and live to tell!! Just like Michele commit to a workout schedule than I want you to pay attention to how you are doing in your workouts. Is the workout that used to kick your butt getting easier? Are you using heavier weights? Are you going longer, harder? These are all signs that you are getting stronger.

MY FAVORITE… rewarding is it to go shopping an get a size smaller? Well I will personally tell you that I couldn’t fit in the largest of plus sizes at my heaviest (insert sad face). To be able to shop in any store and look and feel good is a NSV life no other! If jeans that used to barely zip or button are going on without a problem you are doing something right. If a shirt that used to hug you a little to tight is now a little lose you are dong something right. If you need to tighten your belt an extra notch give yourself a pat on the back, you are making progress.

I know that sounds odd but this is a big one. Cravings are the worst, and fighting one is an epic battle. Heres the good news, when you start eating healthy food and rid your body of all the excess sugar and crap it will slowly stop craving it. It takes 21 days to break a habit so after a few weeks the craving for crap should be gone. That is a huge victory in my book. It takes a lot of mental energy to fight off a craving, that energy is better spent elsewhere, like on prepping your healthy meals for the week.

I know this wouldn’t be the first thing you think of paying attention to when it comes to working out and eating better but its an important one. When you workout you sweat, the sweat is releasing toxins from your body. Toxins that dull your skin and make it break out. When you eat healthy you are giving your body vital minerals and nutrients that help with cell repair, sun damage, aging, all things that affect your skin. Are bodies are over 60% water, when you hydrate properly it shows in your skin. This is a HUGE NON-SCALE victory. We all want to look younger.

I am happier, I feel more confident, I am proud of myself for sticking to my workouts and healthy eating plan (most of the time). Having a positive attitude in my life has reflected in my family’s life and overall happiness.

What’s your favorite non-scale victory? Please leave a comment and help inspire someone.

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  1. Ive lost 40 lbs in 2016..but began to have holiday and vacation anxiety regarding food as I neared Thanksgiving..decided to cut myself a break. I would measure my success this season by committing to my work out routine no matter how busy and staying under 170 until Jan 1st. I will consider myself successful if I keep to my plan EVEN if the scale doesn’t move!

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